Created Feb 25, 2006

Drew McKissick

Columbia, SC based political consultant more

I'm a conservative activist with over twenty-five years of experience in grassroots politics and a passion for teaching others how the system works and how to become effective.

I also write a regular column providing analysis and commentary on current events.

This site exists to provide a home for my political opinions, tips on grassroots politics, as well as links to my current projects.

Over the years I have written numerous specialty publications dealing with various aspects of political education, organization and lobbying. My Grassroots Training Series provides conservative grassroots activists with helpful tips on how to become effective in our political process. And my latest project, How to Plan a WINNING Campaign offers an easy, step-by-step approach to doing just that.

Professionally my work involves specializing in political strategy, planning and organization as well as the development of grassroots related political action programs. I got involved in politics years ago because I cared about issues, and I decided that I could have the greatest impact on those issues by getting involved in the Republican Party and working to keep it focused on conservative principles and helping good conservative candidates get elected to office.

I am a former member of the Republican National Committee (from SC), a long time conservative political activist at the local, state and national levels and have been an active member of the SC Republican Party for over twenty-five years. I've had the privilege of serving in elected and appointed positions at all levels of our party, and been involved in all aspects of the GOP's organization.